Jan 9, 2017

TIIF2 released

I have released TIIF2, the successor of my old DOS/OS2 program TIIF which was a replacement for the original TI PCIF DOS program.

TIIF2 is based on my old MODULA-2 source-code and has therefore nearly the same features as TIIF but is a Windows 32 Bit GUI application. It allows the communication between TI-74 and the PC via the TI PC-Interface cable.

It was tested on a Windows 10 32Bit PC with an on-board LPT-card and a Windows 10 64Bit PC with a PCIe LPT-card. It will not work with an USB printer-adapter.

TIIF2 uses the TVicPort kernel-mode-driver to communicate with the LPT-port.

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