TIIF/TIIF2 for the TI-74/95

TIIF is a replacement for the original PCIF from TI. It has much enhancements and works on a modern PC, while PCIF will strike with a 66MHz Pentium processor. Unfortunately this program is a native DOS/OS/2 text-application. It will run under windows using the Userport-Extension. Support for TIIF has ended. Use TIIF2 instead.

NEW: 32 Bit Windows Version TIIF2 is now available as separate Installer and is also part of TIIF.zip



TIIF2 v.

  • fixed: TIIF2 might hang on exit.

TIIF2 v.

  • if an error occurs while renumbering a BASIC or PASCAL file, the cursor is now correctly set to the line where the error occurred.
  • connections failed, if a PC-324 was connected und supplied by an AC-adaptor. I have changed the GetByte-routine to fix this.
  • CloseScreen returns correctly error 04, if the screen was not previously opened.
  • when closing TIIF2 while still files are opened, a confirmation message appears.
  • the menu options renumber and compress will no renumber or compress the file loaded into the editor, if the editor view is active. If the output screen is active, you will be asked for a file to renumber or compress. Decompressing shows always the file open dialog.


TIIF2 v2.0.1.2

  • TI-95 compressor: invalid uppercase conversion

  • TI-95 decompressor: endless-loop when the B95-file ends with a string, HEX-fields behind DFA, SBR and GTO

TIIF2 v2.0.1.1

  • Full support for the LEARN-PASCAL module. TIIF2 now contains compressor, decompressor and renumbering modules for PASCAL files P74 too. Don't forget to add a line for P74-files in TIIF2.RED! The handling is exactly the same as with BASIC-files B74. Note that there is no need for line numbers inside TIIF2. If the option "Auto line numbers P74" is activated, TIIF2 will add the missing line numbers while creating the corresponding PGM file and remove them while creating the P74 file. The editor supports indenting and unindenting by using TAB and Shift-TAB. Also auto-indenting and a block-indent is implemented. The file extension P74 is registered for TIIF2.
  • A new option "Create LOG file" allows logging of the complete data-transfer between the TI-74/95 and TIIF2. That makes it easier to locate errors or bugs. The file TIIF2.LOG resides in the same folder as TIFF2.EXE. The default is off and the setting is not stored in the registry.
  • I made some changes and workarounds to get a TI-95 correctly working with TIIF2 now. It seems, that the loader-program LOD listed on page 3-12 in the PCIF user manual contains some bugs, which made it impossible to load PCL95 oder PCS95 into the TI-95. I have worked around these bugs in TIIF2, so that these files now can be loaded without any problems. Since PCL95 and PCS95 do not have a file extension, the redirection system cannot be used to locate these files. They must therefore reside in the same directory as TIIF2.EXE. The installer will place a copy of those files to the right location while installing TIIF2.
  • compressor and decompressor for TI-95 K95 and B95 files. The file extensions are registered for TIIF2. Don't forget to add a line for K95/B95-files in TIIF2.RED! The handling is exactly the same as with BASIC-files, but a few things must be noted:
  1. TIIF2 is primary designed to work with the TI-74, not the TI-95. Therefore missing file-extensions where added for TI-74 files. You should always add the correct extension K95 for a key-file or B95 for a binary-file.
  2. The K95 can contain comments, the B95 not. Therefore the comments are lost, when compressing a K95 file and decompress the generated B95 to the same K95 file name. For this reason TIIF2 does not automatically generate a K95 file when saving a B95 file. If you would like a K95 file to be generated you must enable the option Create K95 in the options-menu.
  • if an error is detected while compressing a B74, S74, P74 or K95 file, the file in question is loaded into the editor and the cursor is positioned to the place, where the error was detected.
  • CALL IO(45,10) stores the starting time
  • CALL IO(45,11) gets the elapsed time and displays the measured time on the screen
  • the screen is no longer cleared when resizing the window in any way
  • SendByte routine for faster transfer from PC to the TI.

Thanks to Klaus Overhage for testing the TI-95 stuff and bug-reports.

TIIF2 v1.0.7.4

  • fixed: wrong (absolutely useless) error-hints generated while compressing, decompressing or renumbering.


  • OLD "100.LOADED" will transfer the currently in TIIF2 loaded program file to the TI-74

  • CALL IO(45,2,W) returns the current screenwidth in W

  • CALL IO(45,3,H) returns the current screenheight in H


  • use precision timer instead of counter-loop for delay


  • communication module redesigned for much more stable connections. RDelay and WDelay are obsolete now and not longer used.

  • some cosmetically bugfixes


  • file association with *.b74 and *.s74 files

  • drag&drop in the editor window

  • only one instance of TIIF2 at a time

  • call io(45,6) will bring TIIF2 to the front

  • improved InitBus routine on shutdown to reduce power consumption


Peter Engels

Last changed: 06.03.2019

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