TIIF for the TI-74/95

TIIF is a replacement for the original PCIF from TI. It has much enhancements and works on a modern PC, while PCIF will strike with a 66MHz Pentium processor. Unfortunately this program is a native DOS/OS/2 text-application. It will run under windows using the Userport-Extension. Support for TIIF has ended. Use TIIF2 instead.

NEW: 32 Bit Windows Version TIIF2 is now available as separate Installer and is also part of TIIF.zip


  • ZIP-Archive containing TIIF, TIIF2 and sample files: TIIF.zip
  • TIIF2 Win 32 Installer: TIIF2_Installer.exe
  • Source-Files: not available



  • communication module redesigned for much more stable connections. RDelay and WDelay are obsolete now and not longer used.
  • some cosmetically bugfixes


  • file association with *.b74 and *.s74 files
  • drag&drop in the editor window
  • only one instance of TIIF2 at a time
  • call io(45,6) will bring TIIF2 to the front
  • improved InitBus routine on shutdown to reduce power consumption


Peter Engels

Last changed: 27.08.2017

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