TIEdit 0.7.7

Last changed: 27.08.2017





added: send selected files to TI and TIEmu from Filetree
fixed: some other minor bugs



fixed: switching between Registry/Ini-file
fixed: some other minor bugs



fixed: some bugs, restoring cursor-position after a save-command
added: some special-chars to use with a mouse-click



changed: opening a groupfile will warn now, if the destination-folder exists.
changed: removed use of TiEmuOleLib and use LibTicables2 instead.
added: all GTK-DLL's used for communication with TIEmu.
fixed: lost content of a new file
changed: position of toolbars are saved and restored
fixed: loading non existing file in a project



fixed: files could not be opened without a opened project-file



fixed: saving files after renaming TI-filename or TI-folder
fixed: filetree will be shown again with new project-file
fixed: the TI-name is added to the filename of new file
added: overwrite warning
added: some shortcuts

added: Ctrl-mouse-wheel will change the font-size of the editor.
added: option to remove comments, leading blanks and empty lines for file-transfer.
fixed: location of TIEdit.ini file.
changed: 'b' (french for loop) → 'p' (pair in English) in *.tim files



added: timestamp of saving and display in statusbar
added: option to sort the file-tabs alphabetically
changed: using typeid instead of file-extension to determine filetype
fixed: unwanted renaming of files
fixed: duplicate files due to relative pathes
removed: export of *.nsp files
added: clear MRU-list
added: rearrange tabs using drag & drop
added: SingleStep for the command-line tab
changed: simplified popup-menus
fixed: Alt-bug in Vista and above
fixed: minor bugs



fixed: problem with opening non existing project-files
added: Copy/Paste of Nspire-Unicode text



fixed: MRU-List
changed: opening group-files
added: Options Abort, Retry, Ignore in the case of a failed upload to TI/TIEmu
added: Shortcuts
added: register/deregister file-extensions
added: options for displaying screenwidth and special-chars
changed: file-icons (Jaime Fernando Meza Meza)
updated: Tokens89 to version 1.0.11



fixed: some bugs
updated: Tokens89 to version 1.0.10



fixed: some bugs



fixed: some reported bugs by Jaime Fernando Meza Meza.


added: Export TI-NSpire Unicode file (TI-NSpire font is required, which is not part of TIEdit!)
added: optional arguments for functions/programs executing on TI/TIEmu
fixed: minor bugs



changed: project management. All operations are done with context of the filetree on the left.
changed: suppressed redraw of the filetabs while opening or closing files.
fixed: minor bugs



fixed: all files of a groupfile were saved in the same folder.
changed: groupfiles are now opened as a project file in the following way: all opened files were closed, a new folder with the same name of the groupfile is created in the folder, where the groupfile exists. Every file in the groupfile is extracted and saved to disk into a subfolder of this folder, which represents the TI-Folder. Those files which are editable with TIEdit, are added to the project file, from where they can manually be loaded. Only *.xyg files are supported, not *.tig.
changed: for saving files inside a group file, Tokens89 is no longer used. For speed improvements I use internal routines now, which will also save the file attribute (RAM, locked, archived).
changed: Saving a groupfile will no longer produce a textfile, since the files are listed in the project-file.
added: Trim function in the menu "Format"
changed: some new icons from Jaime Fernando Meza Meza.
fixed: some minor bugs



fixed: autocorrection was broken, it is fixed now.
fixed: getDate, getTmFmt and getTmStr are functions now and spelled correctly.
new: Icons are changed, the new iconset was created by Jaime Fernando Meza Meza. Thanks!
new: TIEdit shows the right edge of the TI-screen (TI89: 25 chars, T92/V200: 32 chars).
new: TIEdit can do a simple auto-indentation.
new: TIEdit creates an additional textfile, which contains all extracted files from a groupfile.



new: TI-group-files are now supported! If you open a groupfile, TIEdit will extract all editable files into the same folder, the groupfile resides, close all currently open files and load these extracted files into the editor. TIEdit can (and will not) create a groupfile, because a groupfile can contain much more filetypes, than TIEdit can handle. The new groupfile might be corrupted.
new: MRU-List
new: show matrices/list as text
changed: cticables.dll is no longer used. Instead TIEdit uses direct access to a patched version of libticables2-6.dll. This solves the problem with the exception generated after sending about 20 files. The library patch itself solves problems with some graylink-cables.
changed: Project files have now the extension .tiprj to avoid problems with other applications. The extension is registered with TIEdit now.
added: Format-menu
changed: Tokens89 is updated to Ver. 1.0.8 (fix: problems with Prgm/Func-Id and endless-loop when opening a not correctly builded groupfile variable)
fixed: lock/archive attribute for all filetypes.
changed: the file-tabs have icons now and only the TI filename is displayed
changed: The project-file list is a treeview with icons and only the TI filename is displayed
changed: The annoying question, whether the open files should be closed, can be suppressed in the preference-dialog.


Version (not public)

new: export of lists/matrices as xls or csv file. Import cannot be done in a meaningful way because of the different charsets in TIEdit and normal text-files.
new: colored printing
added: glyphs to the filetabs and projectfiles
added: some feature requests from Jaime Fernando Meza Meza



fixed: transfers failed with files less then 2kB
fixed: font problem in printouts



new: greatly improved transfer-speed using 2k-block- instead of byte transfer. Please let me know, if you have any problems with this new fast transfer-routine.
changed: updated to Unicode SynEdit 2.0.8



fixed: again minor problems



fixed: minor problems
Tokens89.OCX updated to version 1.0.7
Source: Due to SSL-issues Indy 10 is required now, Indy 9 will not work any longer. Platform is still Delphi 7.


fixed: TI-Chars in lists/matrices stringgrid with Windows 7



some minor bugs were fixed, nothing new.


Version 0.6.01

fixed: Kevin Kofler's Tokens89.OCX. The new release 1.0.6 is shipped with TIEdit 0.6.0 and is binary compatible with all previous releases. This new version can also be used with TI++ or Daisuke-Edit.
fixed: minor problems in TIEdit
changed: successfully tokenized files are signaled by a highlighted TI-filename
changed: TIEdit contains support for the libticables-library, which is part of the TILP-project. Therefore it is possible to use USB-cables for the communication with the calculator. If you want to use some kind of USB-cable, TILP MUST be installed too. The shipped version libticables2-1.dll is a renamed version of the currently used libticables2-6.dll. It is patched in order to communicate with some gray-link-cables.
changed: communication with TIEmu. TIEdit now uses the libticable library for communication, the internal routines are deactivated. Reason: The native TIEmu protocol does not support the tokenized-flag, therefore all files had to be retokenized by the emulator.
known problems

after about 20-30 file transfers to TIEmu an exception in libticables.dll occurs. I have no idea why. Close TIEdit and restart it.
Syntax-Errors in TI-Basic results in a tokenized file, which maybe corrupted. You will not see this in TIEdit. The problem occurs, when TIEdit is closed and the file is reopened.



fixed: broken font in Windows 7 (Remark: The problem is the Font TI89-JB itself. I have tried to fix this with FontForge, but without success. If anybody has more knowledge about fonts and could build a working font (italic/bold), I would be very happy!)
fixed: Commands in Popupmenu of a Filetab will now use the selected and not the active file
fixed: Link to real TI with some Graylink-Cables (Cynox, e.g.)
fixed: Installer will now install TOKENS89.OCX completely
fixed: some minor bugs
changed: TAB-key now works as expected. To enter the Store-Sign -> use Alt- -> (Right-key)
changed: opening a TI-file from the explorer will now load the file in the running instance of TIEdit, instead of starting a new one.
added: Full support for TI expression, string, text, list and matrix files. Data files are not supported. All these filetypes are registered by the installer with TIEdit.
added: Tab-Indent/Unindent
added: Block-REM/Block-unREM
added: TIEdit reloads the opened files from the last session on startup.
added: Online-Update, manual and/or automatic on start.



fixed: Fontproblem with TI89JB-Font in Windows 7
added: Autoupdate-Feature and manual Updatecheck


Version 0.4.0

fixed: bug that all saved files have the attribute "archive"
fixed: bug changing the filenames in the filetabs
fixed: DEL will now work as expected
fixed: minor bugs
changed: some dialog messages are now language-dependent
changed: extended, structured catalog(.tic catalog.tie is also available.)
changed: math/symbols toolbar from Image to Char
changed: Installer will not recognize the installing language any longer
added: open a TI-file from the contextmenu
added: multiple files can be opened from the same dialog
added: Save all files
added: Close all files
added: support for text files (TI-Graphlink format)
added: search and replace
added: auto-correction of style
added: auto-complete (Shift-Space)
added: support for file-attributes (none, locked, archive)
added: drag&drop for the editor
added: saving/restoring the window-position
added: send files/commands to TI-Emu (uses parts of TIGCC)
added: send files/commands to TI (BlackLink, GrayLink) (uses parts of TIGCC)
added: Send files to TI using TISendTo (TIConnect)
added: Unlock files in TI/TiEmu (install varfree.89p into MAIN before use!)
added: spanish interface and menus (David Suescun)
added: german interface and menus
note: the french and spanish language files are not supported by me. Have a look at german/english.til to make the changes yourself.


Peter Engels

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